A Complete Guide to Find the Best Free Resources for UX Designers

So, you have received a product and start using it right away without reading long manuals. This immense happiness can be felt only if the product is designed, keeping in view the UX (User Experience) in mind. User Experience plays an important role in making the user of a product or software happy right from the start. Apart from creating attractive screens, there are other aspects, such as branding, integration, usability, etc. covered by UX.

If you are a UX designer looking for an extensive list of UX and UI resources to grow your career, you have come to the right place. In today’s guide, we will be throwing light on the best free UX design resources that may surely help you learn user interface design and grow your career.

*   UX Frameworks

The best free online resource that the UX designers must consider is UX Frameworks.  It is a great resource from which you can find many frameworks that may be used for design research, ideation, and synthesis.

From idea framework, empathy map, and principles framework to tension web, journey map, and radar charts, it has got you covered. All frameworks offered by UX Frameworks have specific input and output. They feature some strong methods by which you can transform user research into design principles.

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*   Coursera

Coursera is a popular online course platform that offers various courses related to user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). From the basic UX designs to the latest design tools, you can learn everything from its courses.

One of the basic course is “Introduction to UI Design”. This four-week course may give you a basic understanding of UI along with design theory, usability, and industry-standard design methods.

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*   UX Fundamentals – a Course by Gymnasium

Another great resource for web designers and UX designers is UX Fundamentals. It is a full course by which you can learn user-centred design principles, creating user personas, and conducting basic user research.

By taking this course, you can also get to know the best way to organize your website.

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*   UX Movement

UX Movement is another best free resource for UX designers. This independent publication may teach you some basic and advanced user experience techniques and practices, so you can create the best user interface for your website or app. From creating buttons and navigation menus to designing forms, you can find many innovative tips here.

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