A Detailed Comparison of iPad Pro and other Illustration Tools

If you are a digital artist and looking for illustration tools, you will find that there are many illustration tools available in the market. As these tools come into the market all the time, it becomes difficult to choose the one that best fits your needs.

In today’s article, let’s get into a detailed comparison of iPad Pro and other illustration tools. So, read on to get the best tool that may improve your workflow and creativity.

iPad pro by unsplash.com

iPad Pro

iPad Pro is a great powerful illustration tool for digital artists that can transform the way you create art.

Portability: iPad Pro is a self-sufficient drawing device as you do not need to plug it into a PC or laptop. You can take iPad Pro everywhere you go.

Functionality: Apart from drawing and illustration, iPad Pro can be used to edit images and videos and share them on social media. Plus, you can also check emails through this tool.

The Choice of Software: As iPad Pro is a mobile device, so having a smooth mobile drawing experience, you need to use some animation apps.

Security Level: The iPad Pro also provides security using the face ID facial recognition feature.

Wacom tablet by unsplash.com

Wacom Tablet

Another graphic tablet that digital illustrators love is a Wacom Tablet.

Portability: Wacom Tablet itself does not offer portability. You need to plug it into your PC. To make it portable, a Wacom Mobile Studio Pro is required.

Functionality: Wacom Tablet can only be used for drawing and illustration.

The Choice of Software: This tablet needs to be plugged into a computer, so desktop software will be required for illustration. You can use Photoshop or Illustrator for this.

Security Level: You can apply several additional security settings to the Wacom Tablet.

Huion Giano

The Huion Giano is another amazing tool that copies the feel of the traditional painting on a digital canvas.

Portability: Huion Giano is light in weight, so you can easily carry it with you everywhere.

Functionality: this brand has developed so many technical copies of Wacom products, so you can have the same product for less price

Final and Last Thoughts:

So, these are some distinctive differences between iPad Pro and other illustration tools. If you want to get the best tool, you must ask yourself the following questions. Do you want a drawing tool that you can take anywhere you go? Do you want to test several drawing and animation apps? Do you want to work on a small canvas, or you like to draw on big screens? All these questions may surely assist you in choosing any of the above illustration tools.

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