What are the most outstanding combinations of typography in 2021?

What are the most outstanding combinations of typography in 2021?

Merging two different fonts can do wonders for your design. Visuals mean everything. If you can get the visuals right, your design automatically becomes a valuable piece of art. In terms of font, combining multiple fonts in a design is a risky move. If you can get it right, then your design will likely stand out. If you cannot get them to add a certain balance into your design’s typography, then they will only make things look worse. Here are some of the top typography combinations of 2021 to help you out.

Futura Bold and Souvenir

The Futura font pairs best with Souvenir. This is because both of these typefaces have just the right amount of opposition between them. Futura looks bold and serious, while Souvenir is quite similar to Times Roman, conveying a light, playful aura.

Playfair Display and Source Sans Pro

Playfair Display looks best when the size is large. It displays a trendy modern look that will definitely catch the eyes of people. Source Sans Pro, on the other hand, gives off a standard and light display. It can be used for smaller typing tasks under the headings of Playfair Display.

Century Gothic and PT Serif

Century Gothic is a lot like Futura, except for some minor differences in geometry. It shows to be an eye-catcher for headers due to its bold and round features. Put some PT Serif into the mix and watch this combination bloom to its fullest. PT Serif has perfect chemistry with Century Gothic.

Bebas Neue and Montserrat

Looking to make a headline on a newspaper or a bold fashion statement? Bebas Neue combined with Montserrat is your best bet at it. Bebas is excellent for headings, clean, tall, and neat letters in bold, over Montserrat’s tidy and easy to read font is perhaps a brilliant typography combination.

Yellowtail and Open Sans

Yellowtail is a typeface consisting of cursive joining fat letters with a glimpse of italic. It fits quite perfectly with the simple and basic style of Open Sans. Using Yellowtail as the top header while open sans follow can prove out to be your favorite pick in typography. The couple best fits when you’re looking to blend a modern font look with a classical one.

So, those were our top five picks of typography combinations in 2021. We leave the color choices up to you!