The proper way to put forward the right price for your design work

How to build strong relationships with your customer, and be effective?

As a UX/UI designer, perhaps one of the hardest parts is pricing your designs. Creative work is uncertain. You never know the depth you will be going into when working on a project. Therefore, giving even a close estimate price to clients can be a hurdle. As a freelancer, more importantly, as a UX/UI designer, you need to know a few dos and don’ts of pricing your art. The following tips will help you make pricing your services and earning what your clients fully own you.

  1. Focus on Quality Instead of Time

Your focus as a UI/UX designer should be locked on to the quality of your work. Hourly pricing models are not recommended in this line of work due to several reasons. Your best bet is to make custom pricing models based on quality. Once your client knows what they will be getting from a particular package, it will make things easy for both of you.

  1. Understand Your Client’s Requirements

Not every client is clear about what they want. Remember, communication is key here. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Understanding the client’s requirements clearly is the way to price your work perfectly. Sometimes their requirements might seem too complex, leaving you unable to figure out the estimated quote for them. Nonetheless, do your best to come up with an estimated price and let them know that the price might vary.

  1. Don’t Allow the Client to Have Unrealistic Expectations.

Expectations that do not end up getting met are the core reason why most designers cannot establish a long-term relationship with their clients. Most clients have no idea about how UI/UX designing works. They are expecting you to create a design exactly like some design they saw before. Your job as a designer is to properly convey what the outcome will look like.

Here is a special tip: Always make newbie clients expect less than what they will be getting from you. Once you present your design to them, they would obviously love it due to their expectations being so low. This will open doors to long-term work for you and much better opportunities in the future.


The hourly billing method has its pros and cons, but it does not suit every line of work. If you can make custom packages based on the quality of your work, you’ll likely earn more. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind, and you will be getting paid no less than what you deserve!

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