Top design trends readily available for mobile devices in the year 2021

2021 UX-UI Design Trends:

An undebatable fact is that design is the most important aspect of a mobile phone application. An app cannot make it to the big leagues if it has a moderate design. App designers constantly brainstorm to think of creative designs that would attract the masses. In the last decade, we saw plenty of design trends, some of which are still relevant to this date. But as the new decade starts, you might be wondering which design trends are ready to become the hottest trends of 2021? Let us find out!

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  1. Soft Corners: Soft corners are set to be the most popular design trend of 2021. Sharp, dynamic corners are now slowly becoming a thing of the past. New mobile phone apps have soft rounded corners that give users a smooth and positive impact on the eyes. This also gives the layout a modern look, unlike the classical sharp corners that we used to see on our computers in the 2000s.
  2. Easy on the Eyes: With almost every mainstream application having its own dark mode feature, the demand for designs that are easy on the eyes is on the rise. Users are starting to prefer lightly shaded layouts and more comfortable designs to look at. Optimistic and low contrast yet colorful is the theme that is becoming popular day by day.
  3. Passwords are Obsolete: Passwords, patterns, and pins are becoming obsolete as more and more apps move onto better ways of securing privacy. Fingerprints and face-detection features are becoming more and more common. This is because constantly entering passwords and patterns on locks is an annoying experience for the majority of the users.
  4. Smooth Swiping: Swiping is an important factor in mobile phone application designing. Users prefer a delicate swipe that does not do any more or less than what they wanted. Moreover, the latest app design trends are opting for more fun and engaging swiping experience, one that is more focused on animation and sensitivity.
  5. Shadows and Gradients: The trend of giving extra attention to shadows and gradients to buttons and other design elements is set to rise in 2021. The effect of graphics floating on your screen with a slight distance away from the background is now considered to be an attractive visual. Handling visual depth and perfecting gradients is all that design is going to be about.

Those were some of the few design trends that are set to take over our phones. The list does not end here, so you can expect more attractive designing trends in the years to come.

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