How to start a career as UX Designer in New York?

New York is one of the biggest cities in America and more than eight thousand Graphic Designers can be found here. If you also wish to start your career as a Graphic Designer, then the best place to go looking for jobs in New York. The following are some tips that can help in giving a kick start to your career. 

Get formal education 

There are many well-known universities in New York City which are offering Graphic Designing degree programs in New York. Therefore, if you want to start from scratch, then head over to New York and get enrolled in one of the most respectable Graphic Designing Universities. 

Apply for internships 

Even before you get your degree, you can apply to different Graphic Designing internship programs to get an experience of how the designing world in New York works. You will become more seasoned with the help of internships as you will learn how to deal with the requests of the clients. You can also get registered for various certification programs, which will help not only in teaching you new skills but also enhance your CV which will impress many job recruiters. 

Improve your software skills

Since academic courses that are taught at universities focus more on principles and concepts, therefore you won’t develop a lot of software skills during your degree program, however, it doesn’t mean that you won’t need these skills in your professional life. Since software packages keep on developing every month, therefore it is difficult for universities to keep up with them and make them a part of the curriculum. Since most of the jobs require the candidates to be skilled in various graphic design tools such as PhotoShop, InDesign, etc. thus it is important for you to learn how to use them. You can improve your software skills by taking online classes and following different tutorials. 

Accept new challenges and always be open to learning 

It is important to note that getting a degree and a few certificates won’t be enough to flourish your career. Graphic designing is always evolving and you will keep on improving your skills and learning new techniques. There isn’t a book on Graphic Designing which limits the knowledge and skills related to it. Therefore, you will have to be open to learning new skills.

Join various design organizations

While you are still a student, you can join Graphic design organizations which are a great platform for getting in touch with the reputable people of this field. Being a part of these organizations will help you in networking and getting noticed by the CEOs of different design companies. 

Create your online presence 

It is always a great idea to create your online presence so that people from all around the world can get to know you and learn about your work. By creating an online presence, we don’t just mean to share your work on your social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram, instead, we mean that you should create your own website dedicated to your work. You can showcase all your work on your website and share it among people from all across the world.

Start freelancing

Have you recently graduated? We are sure that you must be looking for new job opportunities, filling out applications, and waiting for a response from recruiters. That is what every person is supposed to do after they graduate, however instead of just relying on waiting for an interview call, you should start freelancing as well. Freelancing can help you in making your own name and get in touch with clients to earn money. In this way, you won’t be wasting any of your time after you graduate and get all the work experience that can help in boosting your CV for the future.

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