What are Awwwards.com’s best websites of 2020?

Awwwards.com is a notable website where digital artists get to showcase their talent and get rated. Awwwards rate websites monthly and annually. Designers are free to submit their projects and get ratings from Awwwards judges. Their task is to assess even the smallest aspects of a website, from design and usability to development and content. The judges then pass ratings based on the overall performance of the website. Let us see the most loved websites of 2020 from Awwwards.com! Now the best websites of 2020

Medal of Honor

Rating: 7.84

This gaming site gives you a VR experience in 2D from WWII. Smooth gameplay and exciting graphics are what allowed this website to make it to the Awwwards list!

Rating: 8.3

Kode is a sports club website where players get to bring out their inner athletes and train them. The website has soft, colourful graphics and excellent usability.

Rating: 7.96

Chile 20 is from Adidas, where their hyper-realistic products are featured. The website has a dark layout and some notable visual effects.

Rating: 7.92

Are you an explorer and a lover of your planet? If yes, then you would love 2C Earth. A website where you can explore five locations where climate change has hit the hardest.

Rating: 7.73

Brought to you from Cairo, Egypt, Ali Ali is a website with extraordinary smooth transitions and an eye-friendly layout. 

Rating: 8.18

You would love this one if you’re a fan of corn. This website gives you a brief insight into the scientific procedure behind the production of corn with fantastic animation!

Rating: 7.72

A Moroccan company presents a website where users get to access their products. Full of breathtaking 3D floating objects and incredible interface.

Rating: 8.04

A superstar composer named Alan Menken brings you his website where music meets animations! He covers mainstream popular songs in his own creative way.

Rating: 7.95

If you want to learn how to organize space on a webpage, learn from the expert designers who designed Powerhouse Company’s website. Architecture is given a completely new meaning here!

  1. Madeleine Dalla

Rating: 7.9

Browse through the phenomenal work of the New York-based photographer on this website. She showcases her work with a speciality in typography.

So, those were the top picks from Awwwards.com’s expert designers. We cannot help but agree that their judgment and ratings are perfect and given to the right candidates!

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