Mi plaza

Client: Mi Plaza SAS
Date: May 20, 2020
Services: Mobile App UX Design

Mi Plaza Digital

How we reduced cost and improved efficiency in deliveries for consumers.

The Challenge

Millennials, our target population, don’t have too much time for getting their recurrent shopping list and sometimes get even frustrated doing this time-consuming activity. Mi plaza eases the path consumers follow to buy basic family basket goods. There is little time to think about the week’s shopping list or what is not in my fridge with an increasingly busy routine.

Miplaza brings together the best everyday products in your town! Discover everything from bananas and yogurt to healthy alternatives. Receive your order directly to your home address in a jiffy!

The project goal was to improve consumers’ existing user journeys and provide a seamless process experience so that they can navigate and buy products efficiently and effectively.

The Solution

01 | UX Research

User Testing Artifacts for validation, IA, Searching potential User friction and revamping UX.

MONTHLY USERS (2019-2020) |Β  30.000

TOTAL REACH | 200.000

DELIVERIES| 30000 in the first MVP.

02 | Project Scope

METHODS |Β  Market Research, Interviews, Usability Testing, Information Architecture, Wireframing, Branding, Prototyping, UI Design

TIMELINE | 30 weeks First Release


TOOLS | Figma, User Testing, Value Proposition Design

03 | Ideation Sessions

Value Proposition Design, Business Model Canvas, Weakness – Opportunities, Card Sorting, User Testing.

Discovered the User persona Using Agile methods for validation. (Interviews, Benchmarking, Google Trends), implemented strategies for rapid wireframing and testing with users (Lean UX). Built user stories, epics, and features with the product managers and developers.

Sectioned different releases of the app into stages. Used Design System for Efficient delivery of Design Vs. Code.

04 | MVP Features

Mi plaza is a web and mobile app for buying in less than three steps your recurrent shopping list, finding the best deals efficiently. All your home essentials and more orders to deliver in less than 30 minutes to your front door.


Activate multiple detailed categories for users in order to address their specific needs. This insight is important to multiply the possibilities users find what they are looking for.


Build a space where, with a single tap, users can add to their cart, recurrent products they buy in the monthly basis. This can save time and build rapport and engagement with miplaza.


Users can access to thousands of coupons and obtain discounts, promotions and offers from different product brands, this is useful to bring positive reinforcement and gamification to the product.

05 | Design Process

We established consistency across the platform then building upon the foundations of the product to create a memorable experience for the user. With a UI kit and design system built for a large dynamic team, we included Adobe XS components, text styles, motion guidelines, and color palette to allow developers and designers to work faster using material design while maintaining consistency.

06 | High Fidelity Prototype

``Luis is an incredible leader. I worked with him at Punto EstratΓ©gico and collaborated in different UX research projects. Is always helping others and aimed to guarantee the team goals.``

Carlos Jaramillo Chief Operating Officer en Brand Colombia

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