Trainer UP

Client: Trainer UP
Date: December 31, 2019
Services: Website Design, UX

Our Process

The problem:

After extensive research, we saw a vital necessity in the Gyms business in our city.

Gym Users weren’t connecting with the gyms routines. This breach created other difficulties, such as not continuity of the exercise plan and, finally, an unsatisfied user who terminated the Gym plan contract.

User Experience Design
User Experience Research

Experiment plan:


Using the book Designing the Value proposal by Alex Osterwalder, we decided to focus on a complete methodology, detecting and scaling the main problem, and producing a real MVP.

Sample: 200 Gym Users in the exploratory phase. – 10 gyms

Instrument:  Research – Focus Group and 10-minute interviews – Survey.

Ages: 15-55

Audio and Screen Recording

Trainer UP is 1 CRM for Gyms on two platforms.

  • User module: Take full control of your users’ data, payment due dates, and birthday dates
  • Training module: Create your exercises with your machines and functional elements
  • Group activities module: Create and organize the group activities that you have or are going to schedule during the week
  • Training plan module: Create and organize your training plans and then automatically assign them to your clients
  • Nutrition module: Create and organize your meal plans and then automatically assign them to your customers
  • Metrics Module: Create the measures that you are going to take, then value your clients; they and you will be able to see their progress and goals month by month
  • Chat module: Communicate directly with your users with our chat system without leaving the application – NOT AVAILABLE IN DEMO (free demo or free version up to 5 clients)
  • Video Explanation: Do you want your users to know exactly where and how to do their training? There is no easier way than recording your videos on your machines or with your functional elements. – NOT AVAILABLE IN DEMO (free demo or free version up to 5 clients)
  • POS: Keep your accounts clear, sell your products, services, plans, and bonuses quickly from the end of the sale module. – NOT AVAILABLE IN DEMO (free demo or free version up to 5 clients)

Mobile App

Once your clients install the app, they can see the routines you assign them, the meal plan, and their ratings. The coach can also install the app, and you will see all the information about your clients. You will also be able to record evaluations without further paperwork. In real-time, your clients will see their progress.

Desktop Version

The web application consists of several interconnected modules. You can keep control of the payments that your clients must make, register, and consult all the information of your clients, create routines and meal plans, and much more.

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